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Responsive Styles

Blockstack UI supports responsive styles out of the box because it is built with styled-system. Instead of manually adding @media queries and adding nested styles throughout your code, any component allows you provide array values to add mobile-first responsive styles.

We use the @media(min-width) media queries to ensure values are mobile-first.

This works for every style props in the theme specification, which means you can change the style of most properties at a given breakpoint.

What it does

This shortcut is an alternative to writing media queries out by hand. Given the following:

It'll generate a CSS that looks like this

The equivalent of this style if you passed it as an object.



Here's a simple example of a marketing page component that uses a stacked layout on small screens, and a side-by-side layout on larger screens (resize your browser to see it in action):

This will change color depending on screen size!
Editable Example
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